Friday, July 10, 2009

why i do not like

ayiyi. so i log into and go into one of the chat rooms ( one of my friends said it was a really cool sight...) and within seconds two " private chat" boxes popped up. both from guys. age 17 and 21 i believe. well i thought hey, this is weird. may as well say hi, so i did, and one of the guys ( apparently from india) was really mellow and just chatted like we were friends, but the other guy, the first thing he said was HIGHLY inappropriate, and when i told him that he was all like " u like it" and i was like FREAK!!!!!!!!! and i was like srsly freaked out that ppl actually DO that! pervert. so i said a hasty goodbye to my new indian friend, and told the other dude to go drown. *shudder* so i have resolved NEVER to go to geesee ever again. i mean that really bothered me ALOT.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

its june!!!!! and i'm sore....

hey! so, i'd ask what everyone has been up too, but since there's NO ONE who reads this, I guess thats not a big deal... and i would say lol, but thats such a cop out, so i've given it up. just say no to the pressures of "lol". haha sounds much better anyways, 'lol' is like the mindless response... ANWAYS.

can you believe that its june? time flys... its so nice to just sit back and relax tho, *sigh. gotta love it! so the reason i'm sore is because i feel like i have been dancing nonstop for the last 3 days, and thats about accurate. on monday night i went to a class held by a friend who knows i really want to move up, and then the next night i had a private lesson, and today i practiced for about an hour and 1/2, and have been dancing more than walking. my legs huuuuuuurttttt! whatev tho, its all good. or it WILL be. if you ever want to take something up that will build muscle and keep you in shape, take up Irish dancing... ay yi yi!

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel. i havent told you about feis yet have i? i went to feis last saturday with my 2 little sisters, dad, and grandma, and ended up winning a first, second, third, fourth, and sixth. i was ecstatic over the first, second, and third, but the others are WHATEVER. so monday night i got to start learning my novice reel which is really cool ( no pun intended...) and i've been practicing that alot so i can get it up to speed and learned by my next feis!!!!!!!!!!!!

speaking of feis, i saw the most adorable guy there... i met him last year, and i kind of developed an instant crush on him. ok, this prolly makes me a stalker, but i wanted to find out his name etc without ASKING him ( this was last year) so memorized his competitor number (1793) and then went on the feis website and looked him up... heehee. i know, i'm hopeless.

well, keep me posted ppl, i want to hear whats up with YOU!


because tonight will be the night that i will fall for you, over again, don't make me change my mind, or i won't live to see another day i swear its true, because a guy like you's impossible to find, you're impossible to find.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

more ice cream. *sigh.

hey, hey, you, you why do you keep offering me ice cream????? augh! some ppl just never learn. we went to MSU today and got ice cream with our friend Jung Sil ( pronounced chun-syooh)and i got chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. yum. we also saw a bride and groom and a ton of ppl with weird hats. hmmmm. well, I'm currently reading the princess bride and it is very silly, i have been laughing all day. well not really, just kind of when i read a funny part. but i digress.

my little sister is a pyromaniac in training- you see her new fave hobby is to use a magnifying glass to burn through all her old school papers- what the heck? when i commented on her madness, she stuck her tongue out at me and said that she did NOT have a sick sense of fun as I had said, because in her world, someone with a sick sense of fun would run around kissing a ton of guys. i hope she wasn't implying that that's what i do, b/c i have never kissed a guy, I know-17 and nbk... well, i turn 18in october, so i guess that makes me a first class geek. whatev- say what you want ppl- i got a life to live!

well, i am postponing ( no pun intended) the end of this b/c when i am done i have to clean up cat litter, take shoe polish to the basement, and then play catch with my little sister. speaking of the basement, my room has been moved 2 times this year, and by the end of this week that number will rise to 3. grr. altho it will be nice to have some privacy, rite now my room is like open for the public and that is REALLY annoying, my new room will be bigger which will be nice, and will have WALLS AND DOORS!!! praise God almighty!

omw- i have a mosquito bite on the back of my knee, it is really annoying and excruciatingly itchy!!1 AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! well, you are prolly bored with reading this ( not that anyone reads this anyways...) but i'd better go do my chores.....

Friday, May 29, 2009

duane deserted us, babysitting is getting annoying, ice cream is bad for you, so are boys.


heeeeeeeeeey! well, i know i keep saying i'm going to post and then i don't but hey... i got a life! not like anyone raeds this blog anyways, whatev. do me a favor, if you EVER read this blog and think its like way cool, COMMENT so i know that you exist!!!!!!! otherwise... idk i'll keep posting anyways... well, i guess i should explain my title... first of all, duane deserted us. Duane being my ex- swim club coach/ diving instructor... he is so crazy, he's 47 and hilarious and just one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet! unfortunately, he said bye to everyone on tuesday, when we didn't go to swimming, and now he's gone. literally. *sigh. we'll all miss him cuz now some preppy dude straight out of college all perfect in his suit and tie is there, directing us from the sidelines and just generally being weird... whatever. moving on.

babysitting is getting annoying... well maybe not annoying, just boring. my mom is subbing for autistic kids' parapro ppl, so until their school is out, i'm stuck babysitting nearly every day for my LOVELY sibs and their LOVELY attitudes. i really do LOVE them, honestly, but ugh. nvm.

so, i tried to go a week without ice cream, but the day after i decided that, we all took a trip to the ice cream making place ( mooville) and everyone else got HUGE ice cream cones filled with exotic flavors of icecream... so i caved and got a root beer float :).

boys are retards, i think they should all die. end of story. they are hopeless flirts and ruthless heartbreakers. who needs them anyways? we should learn from that turtle that fertilizes her own eggs- a guy-free world would make life alot easier. altho then all us women would let ourselves go cuz there was no one to impress *sigh.

omw- so i wrote this poem a while ago, and don't think i've posted it here b4, feedback is welcome!!

The night is silent no more
What woke me I don not know
But a shadow falls under the door
Like the eerie form of a ghost

The silence now broken haunts me
My dreams turn to horror once more
As I ponder and wonder, oh who is the owner
Of shadow that slips to my door

Is it madman or phantom or brigand that comes
In darkness of night, my fear his delight
Does he smile and my heartstops and laugh as I cry
The door slowly opens my death has arrived

The night is silent no more
What woke me I don not know
But a shadow falls under the door
Like the eerie form of a ghost

Saturday, April 18, 2009


hey everyone! weeeeeeeel I went to school feis ( irish dance competition) with my little sister today, it was alot of fun and I got 5 1st places!!!!!!!!! which is surprising because I have never done my hornpipe to speed in front of a teacher b4! but hey, I'm excited, its pretty amazing... haha I know I'm humble ;)! well, my goal is oireachtas ( pronounced oh-rock-tahs, and it is like the irish dance championships!!) in four years or less, so I need to step it up a bit if I want to get there ( and believe me, I DO!). Yes, I know there will be sacrifices, but its one of those things that you can't help but do, like I have the opurtunity, and my teacher says I have the talent, so I'm goin for it! WISH ME LUCK! so, what's been going on with all yahll? sorry my posting has been few and far between, but my life is so busy all the time it's hard to find a time to get anything done! especially when blogging ( srry guys!) is like the last on my to do list lol... smile ppl, I still love you <3!>
well, i better go... time for church... oh yay, maybe I'll see the adorable KEEGAN!!!!!! awwwwwwwwwwwwwww... he is adorable, but uh, one problem, I'm not sure he knows I exist- oh well, thats a minor thing right? c'mon i need some support from you ppl!!!!

and if you're ever bored, check out me and my friend's blog ( its a writing thing that hasn't gotten too far yet, but you can expect GREAT things from us... as always is with us GORGEOUS women!!!



PS i know my profile says shaeya, but thats just my pen name, so don't freak out and think I'm in the witness protection program or something, the only murder I've ever seen is that of my cat killing a bird.. oh the horror, i will not describe it.

Friday, March 27, 2009

lots is up

hey!!! well, its been awhile, srry, the link on my last post got screwed- my apologies, here is the amazing pic i was talking about! so, if you ever have an extra 2 hrs or so, watch prince caspian with the commentary... you know the part with all the ferns? they're all POTTED ferns- not even joking!!!!!!!!! CRAZY I KNOW! it took weeks to shoot i guess... well, so much has happened, but i can't tell everything, so i'll recap.

i was sick

i got better

i still have a cough

i have to help w/ swimming, dance at a workshop for 4 hrs, and then help with singing at church tommorow.

lots has happened, but if you dont care enough to ask, then it doesnt matter now does it, otherwise you can drop me a line on the cbox and ask whats up- now cant you!


Monday, March 23, 2009


here is a total cutie!!!!!!